Thursday, January 19, 2012

Maths - Play The Game

Why do people fear Maths ? or  let us put this way , Maths is the subject of hatred for many of you
Why ? . The one thing that comes to our mind immediately  is the complex  questions, models , theoreoms. Etc .blah….blah..blah..Well, forgot that for a moment. Just think that Maths is one big problem in our life ( Don’t think Life is a Hell ) .  Problems arise to bring out good and new solutions .  Ok , enough of the lecture…

Let us  together find a solution to  our problem.   First question how do you  approach a problem  in real life .  Don’t  start thinking of beyond the scope of your  brain.. Poor thing.. Let it be cool…Let us make it happy .. Guys !! the key to any problem is to think simple. Yes !! any problem be it real life or Maths,  breaking into small simple steps would help us reach a good solution .

For example :  Calculate 25 * 15 .. Pls don’t take out calculator  or computer… Don’t  even think it cant be calculated in my head.. We can … As I told you.. Break into simple  steps..
1)      25 *10 = 250 .. Everyone knows that….if not your are a naughty student who needs training…
2)      25 * 5 =  125 . Simple to calculate for our brain , no extra pressure  to make it hot…

You see when we add the final result is  375 , the same answer when you directly calculate by hand or computer..Hold on  people !!  I know what your thinking …nothing genius or smart about it…Truth is nothing is  there…Can you get it… Its not the solution…But how you approach it … Knowing the right way will help you ease the pressure both in real life and Maths..

So don’t fritter seeing terms like  Trignometry  , Algebra  , Geometry etc..  Fear not !!..  See it like this.. Trignometry is bunch of problems based on a triangle and relationships on different sides.Sure there are lots of formulas… but they are fun if you closely watch it.. My friend once gave me a gift .. I said sinq/cos q… He didn’t get it..  Didn’t you get it ..its  tan q sounding like Thank you !!. Fun isn’t it….

Algebra might frighten you with the equations and  relationships.. but at the end of the day  your always searching for your Ex ...  Yes……like ax =bx  .Therefore  X is the answer or we can say it EX . We are never happy to find our Ex anyway … 

Geometry is  like a beautiful girl with the proper curves ,  size, shape etc.. All we have to do is play with it.. Hello!! I mean the figures in Geometry ….You have to draw objects,  know their properties ..etc  …that is basically understand the  relationship and  relative positions..

So, What do you see in all the three that can be related to our real world.. All of them talk about relationships of a particular subject.. The different branches of Maths  are like the different relationships of  Human Beings.. Some are easy to understand  , while most of them are complex to get ..but at the  end its all about  relationships with something.. If  you know the destination and the right path , then Maths  can be fun and you don’t have to fear it.. 

Some students have the natural ability and play with Numbers.. Stop Looking at them and start playing in your style ….Always remember “ Little drops make a Big Ocean “.  A simple step can make you reach great heights.. So being  young…  Look at  Maths as a video game and start playing it  with fun… No Level  can’t be reached ..

Remember the secret is to have Fun and not give up & Run …

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  1. Enjoyed reading Jeff!! The humor and cognizance which accompanies in your arsenal of speech has been perfectly transformed into words too!!!
    Way to go.. :) keep writing and make your readers happy!!