Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happiness in Holland

” A gorgeous day basked with a warm sunshine greeted me on my
way to Holland,
where i lost myself gazing at  the picturesque countryside much like
‘Alice In Wonderland’.
An array of huge windmills spaced out on the greenery added gloss
to the occasion,
making me scream out with joy,’Oh,GOD this must be my finest 
A gush of air gently swept me off the  scenic  motorway,
towards an untrodden path leaving me grounded and astray.
A streak of light filtered its way upon me,
only to see a sight that made me fall on my knee.
An assorted collection of the most prettiest tulips were packed
closely across the scattered field,
painting a picture that would make its farmer proud of his yield.
The tulips swayed in tandem left and right,to and fro to the tunes of
the soothing air,
leaving me awestruck and  speechless  having much to glare.
I bid adieu with a heavy heart being completely envisaged by its
taken aback by all happenings leaving me much to ponder”.


"Life fades away painfully like a beautiful flower,
making the long wait to the grave extremely sour.
Each day is a turmoil apprehended with bag full of suprises,
taking each stride in the right path won't guarentee any prizes.
It's a lone battle waged from many a summer to spring,
making each one wish they could fly away with a wing.
The wonderful memories makes this life cherishable,
ironically these experiences land you in many a trouble.
Life at large is like a dormant volcano,
the time at which it will burst out you never know"..