Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas - A Sonnet

“That time of the year when happiness beckons and hope springs
To embrace our troubled souls, longing for a warmth feeling;
A chance we get to start afresh and spread our wings,
And revive our lost faith to break the glass ceiling.
 A magical night looms large amidst the fallen times,
Sharing this joy with our loved ones will garner His blessings forever;
A time to chant the Christmas carols with the same fervor of the nursery rhymes,
And welcome our savior by joining hands in prayer together.
Yet the true spirit of Christmas is unwittingly lost somewhere
To the sumptuous preparations and lavish offerings on hand;
A life filled with worldly temptations and sinful desires take us nowhere,
Unless we learn to forgive and can perceive the world in a grain of sand.
 Oh brethren!! Open up your hearts and let His love set you free,
For it is foolish to confine Christmas to the gifts of the fir tree.”