Saturday, August 11, 2012

U & I

-         A Life Together

“  My heart is battling in an untrodden territory,
   Where there are dangers tenfold to engulf me.
   Your memories keep me afloat towards victory,
   Knowing you’re the ultimate prize for me to see.
   My senses are unlocked by the breeze of your beautiful smile,
   One gentle glaze is all I ask to solace my battering soul.
   Your misconceptions and hesitations would remain only for a while,
   But remember, My Dear! Eternal love is my ultimate goal.
   I am left stranded with an outstretched hand,
   Waiting in hope, to sweep you away.
   Set your spirit free and set foot on your destined land,
   Where the abundance of love would set your worries astray.
   Let us face this battle of life together,
   With the power of love to keep us alive forever.”